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Closing Night

For TEDxSummit attendees and TEDxers only, the Closing Night TED session featured speakers and performers from past TED conferences and TEDx events.

Thursday April 19, 2012 - 5pm AST / 2pm GMT

Theme: The Power of Reinvention

Curated by Bruno Giussani

Juan EnriquezJuan Enriquez

A thinker and entrepreneur who works at the intersection of science, business and society, Juan Enriquez bridges disciplines to forge a coherent look into our future. He contends that science and technology are leading us rapidly towards "the next human species".

Vinay VenkatramanVinay Venkatraman

A founding partner at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, Vinay Venkatraman has developed an alternative vision to creating a more inclusive world by designing for the "bottom of the pyramid". He calls it Frugal Digital.

Cesar HaradaCesar Harada

TED Senior Fellow Cesar Harada is involved in an ocean of projects. In particular, he's collaboratively developing Protei, a sailing robot to sense and clean up oceans, and is involved in the future International Ocean Station and other innovations that re-invent our relation to the sea.

Shereen El FekiShereen El Feki
Author and Researcher

Shereen El Feki is a TEDGlobal Fellow who works on issues related to sexuality in the Arab world. Based in Cairo, she's the Vice-Chair of the UN's Global Commission on HIV and the Law, which will be reporting its recommendations later this year.

Sima SirriyehSima Sirriyeh

Sima Sirriyeh is a 18-years-old Jordanian pianist -- all the while studying design and visual communication at the German Jordanian University in Amman. She composes her own pieces, infusing them with emotions.

Dalia MogahedDalia Mogahed
Director, Gallup Center for Muslim Studies

From her observatory as the head of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies, Dalia Mogahed leads analysis of surveys of Muslims worldwide. She has recently studied the meaning and impact of the past year's events across the Middle East.

Amit SoodAmit Sood
Head, Google Art Project

From immersive "gigapixel" art experiences to 3D gallery mapping, Amit Sood leads Google's effort to bring the world's greatest art, from museums and beyond, onto the web, to make it more accessible to everyone.

Jose AndresJosé Andrés

Named "Outstanding Chef" by the James Beard Foundation in 2011, José Andrés is an internationally-recognized culinary innovator and passionate advocate for food and hunger issues. He champions the role of chefs in tackling food security, nutrition education and childhood obesity. He is the founder of World Central Kitchen and the culinary ambassador to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves.

Performance Poet

Storyteller, poet, creator of pop-up books, co-host of TEDActive and celebrated trespasser, Rives is a reader of the world like no other. On stage, his poems burst in many directions, exposing multiple layers and unexpected connections.

About TEDx and the TEDxSummit

In mid-2009 the idea-sharing platform pioneered by TED evolved into TEDx, a movement encouraging communities, organisations and individuals around the world to gather local communities and organize their own events, inspired by the TED format and methods, to further "Ideas Worth Spreading".

Nearly 3500 TEDx events have taken place in three years, in 1000 cities, in over 125 countries.

By increasing accessibility and encouraging TEDxers to foster TED-like experiences, the idea-sharing has been expanded at a local level, often in local language. TEDx events weave together screenings of TEDTalks and live presentations to stimulate conversations that matter while striving to elevate and expose local ideas, perspectives and insights.

Each event is unique and is planned and curated independently, on a community-by-community basis, allowing more regional voices and perspectives to be heard; fostering greater collaboration in fields of science, technology, arts and culture, design and entertainment. Pivotal to the platforms’ success is creating open and accessible programming that avoids any commercial, religious or political agenda.

While the content and programming of each TEDx event is independent, all events have several features in common and adhere to TED’s format; one which explores carefully selected talks, performances and demos that educate and inspire.

The 2012 TEDxSummit in Doha, Qatar furthers this mission of inspiration and represents the first event of its kind — hosting over 600 TEDx organizers, innovators, and those pushing the boundaries of avant-garde and inventive idea curation.

The impetus for the Summit is to expand the global reach of the TEDx community. Attendees will collectively shape a vision for the TEDx platform, paving the path of future developments by sharing some of the best practices and concepts.

The TEDxSummit will also host sessions featuring some of the best past TED and TEDx speakers.