May 18 — July 10

Program Overview

We’ve converted a weeklong, in-person conference into an eight-week virtual extravaganza, all held in the company of your fellow TEDsters.

Weekly schedule

Mon, Tues, Wed

12pm ET (4pm GMT)

A series of 45-minute live interviews, talks and debates on the theme, BUILD BACK BETTER. Help shape the real-time conversation with your questions and comments.


8pm ET (12am GMT)

A longer MAINSTAGE TED session packed with unexpected moments, performances, TED Fellows and visual treats as well as a core of provocative talks and interviews.


11am-5pm ET (3-9pm GMT)

An all-day a la carte Community Day where we’ll offer a beautiful array of choices including Discovery Sessions, speaker meetups and more...

Discovery Sessions

Some of the deep dive Discovery Sessions you can expect to sign up for:

Reimagining the future
with author, academic and futurist, Juan Enriquez
Interdependence, a key to human experience
with business leader Lorna Davis
How contagion spreads and why it stops
with infectious disease scientist, Adam Kucharski
Awaken your inner musician
with community organizer, Michelle Moghtader and multi-instrumentalist, Jeremy Thal
Understanding mother trees
with ecologist, Suzanne Simard
Indoor recess and Restorative play
with improv master, Anthony Veneziale
How to cut carbon and get happier
with happiness researcher, Elizabeth Dunn and environmental sustainability researcher, Jiaying Zhao
Monthly climate conversations
with political strategist, Tom Rivett-Carnac and social entrepreneur, Lindsay Levin
Psychedelics for mental health
with psychedelics researcher, Rick Doblin
Make your own bitters
with bartenders extraordinaire, Lauren Mote and Jonathan Chovancek
Expression in color and form
with artist, Melissa Mahoney
Antarctica, the unprecedented frontier
with polar explorer, Ben Saunders
Emotional intelligence: Overrated or underrated
with organizational psychologist, Adam Grant
Make your own bitters
with bartenders extraordinaire, Lauren Mote and Jonathan Chovancek
The TED Puzzle Club
with TED's own puzzle master, Alex Rosenthal
Monthly journaling practice
with software developer, Erine Gray
Applied empathy
with author, Michael Ventura
How to communicate effectively in a time of crisis
with TED speaker coach, Briar Goldberg
The design of human connection
with Creativity Catalyst Keith Yamashita
Design studio
with humanitarian design activist and author Emily Pilloton

And more...

Special program for the young people in your life

TED2020 members receive special access to the TED-Ed Student Talks program which helps students all over the world discover, develop and share their ideas in the form of TED-style talks. Kids and grandkids (ages 8‑18) of TEDsters can participate in a series of interactive sessions led by the TED-Ed team and culminating in the delivery of each participant's very own big idea.

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