November 1-3, 2017 · New Orleans, Louisiana


The TEDWomen Global Showcase: Building Livelihoods for Refugee Women features 10 artisan enterprises working with refugee women in the hardest-to-reach communities in the world. Hosted by the Alliance for Artisan Enterprise, the Showcase features designs and products from participants who provide improved livelihoods and income-earning opportunities to over 1,500 refugee women. This year’s Showcase was made possible through the generous support of USA for UNHCR. Back to program

Afrika Tiss

Afrika Tiss developed the Design for Peace project in partnership with UNHCR to provide income to more than 140 Malian artisans living as refugees in Burkina Faso. Their collection, including exquisite metal and leather jewelry and home accessories, preserves age-old artisan techniques from the Tuareg community of northern Mali. For more information, find Mariette Chapel at the TEDWomen Global Showcase, or follow Afrika Tiss on Instagram at @designforpeace.

Artisan Links

Artisan Links was founded to support some of the hundreds of thousands of Afghan families pouring across the border from Afghanistan to Pakistan. Today, Artisan Links, employs over 100 women in embroidery and handicraft production, crafting exquisite home accessories and clothing, and building partnerships with global brands like Raven + Lily. For more information, find Tahira Afridi and Cameron Crake at the Global Showcase, and follow Artisan Links and Raven + Lily on Instagram at @artisan_links and @ravenandlily.

ARZU Studio

ARZU Studio, which means “hope” in Dari, provides more than 300 Afghan women with the opportunity to earn real wages through traditional carpet weaving. Their collection includes hand-knotted and kilim rugs in a wide variety of sizes and contemporary styles. Find Suzana Rizzo at the Global Showcase, and follow ARZU Studio on Instagram at @arzustudiohope to learn more about the project.


GAIA creations are handmade by more than 15 refugee women from Burma, Syria, and beyond that have resettled in the United States. GAIA artisans use vintage, artisan-made and sustainable materials to craft exquisite jewelry for the global market. To learn more, find Paula Minnis and Lauren Jarrett at the TEDWomen Global Showcase, and follow Gaia on Instagram at @gaiaforwomen.

Heshima Kenya

Heshima Kenya offers care, protection, and empowerment for unaccompanied girls arriving in Kenya as refugees from Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Burundi, and beyond. Heshima Kenya’s artisan collective, the Maisha Collective, enables young women to achieve economic and social independence through the creation of Shibori and resist-dyed scarves and accessories. Follow Heshima Kenya on Instagram at @heshimakenya, and find Alisa Roadcup and Emily Snider at the Global Showcase to learn more about the project.


INAASH provides employment for Palestinian refugee women in Lebanon through the preservation and promotion of traditional Palestinian embroidery. All pieces presented at the Global Showcase, including embroidered scarves and clothing, are based on traditional motifs, patterns, and colors. Find INAASH on Facebook at @inaashassociation, and speak with Nadia Abdelnour and Maya Corm at the Global Showcase to learn more.

Indego Africa

Indego Africa provides vocational training and basic business education in partnership with UNCHR to more than 50 Burundian artisans residing in the Mahama Refugee Camp in Rwanda. This project helps female refugees improve their livelihoods by building the skills necessary to participate in the global artisan economy, producing distinct handwoven baskets and accessories from local sweetgrass. Learn more about Indego Africa’s cooperative model from representatives Karen Yelick and Brittany Barb, and follow Indego Africa on Instagram at @indego_africa.

The Jordan River Foundation

The Jordan River Foundation currently runs three artisan enterprises that provide employment opportunities and enhanced livelihoods for Jordanian women and Syrian refugees. Together, these women craft traditional Bani Hamida rugs and exquisite handmade jewelry for the global market. Find Enaam Barrishi and Fairuz Taqi Eddin at the Global Showcase, and follow the Jordan River Foundation at @JordanRiverFoundation.

Rania Kinge

Rania Kinge was born in Syria to a family of diplomats and social entrepreneurs, and is using her talents as a designer to provide a safe place for more than 100 displaced Syrian women to craft artisan jewelry and accessories. Her designs transform lives, instill self-dignity, and transcend country lines to international markets. Find Rania at the Global Showcase, and follow her work in Syria on Instagram at @raniakinge.

SEP Jordan

SEP Jordan was founded to re-interpret centuries-old embroidery techniques with modern designs, while providing employment to refugee women living in the Jerash refugee camp in Jordan. Each SEP Jordan piece is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, distinguished by intricate embroidery and geometric patterns. For more information, find Annapaola Di Prisco at the Global Showcase, or follow SEP Jordan on Instagram at @sepjordan.


WomenCraft employs more than 300 women who have fled genocide and conflict in Burundi and Rwanda, living for decades in Tanzanian refugee camps and in Tanzanian host communities. These women express their culture and talents to create hand-woven baskets and home accessories that are beautiful, functional, and durable. Learn more about the project from Kara Hook at the Global Showcase, and follow WomenCraft on Instagram at @womencraft. Contact Help Terms of use Privacy policy
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