Thank you to our performers and filmmakers for their inspiring contributions to this event.

Global Showcase performers

Afia Walking Tree

Afia Walking Tree is a cultural ambassador, spiritual activist, empowerment guide, leadership development advocate and trainer. Her lyrics are evolutionary teachings, addressing present-day issues of social justice, freedom, healing and self-love. For over 25 years, Afia Walking Tree has served as director of her brainchild, Spirit Drumz, an international organization that prioritizes women and youth of all cultures to utilize African Diasporic song, permaculture, drumming, dancing, and storytelling to activate empowerment and healing. Afia is accompanied by Mar Stevens, Regina Wells, Colette Eloi, Daktari Shari Hicks, and Brianna Franklin.

Melody of China

San Francisco-based Melody of China's mission is to promote Chinese classical, folk and contemporary music, and to provide quality entertainment through the synergy between an ancient cultural tradition and youthful, multicolored American culture.


Morley's warm and soulful voice often gets her compared to Annie Lennox and Roberta Flack. And she uses that gorgeous voice as an instrument of change. Using music to facilitate dialogue, she works with teenagers from domestic and international conflict zones as well as organizations such as Face to Face/Faith to Faith, the Door, the Lower East Side Girls Club, Code Pink and the Fortune Society (a program that facilitates reentry into society from prison), to name a few.

Tanyaradzwa Tawengwa

Born in Zimbabwe, Tanyaradzwa Tawengwa is a composer, singer and cultural ambassador whose compositions and arrangements have appeared on theatre stages including Yale Repertory Theatre and Soho Rep. Her latest project, Mushandirapamwe, is dedicated to the voices of Zimbabwe's Liberation Struggle. The album pays homage to the Mushandirapamwe Hotel in Highfield, Harare, a hotel built in 1972 by her grandfather, George Tawengwa, that protected and nurtured freedom fighters and artistic revolutionaries in Zimbabwe.


Farasha is a full-service fashion consulting company that offers services ranging from styling, photo and film production to runway show execution and management of temporary storefronts in diverse markets. Farasha operates as a women’s retail clothing and accessories pop-up boutique that also serves as a showroom featuring emerging global designers based in Park City, Utah.

Vanessa Di Palma Wright

Owner and stylist
Owner and founder Vanessa DPW is a seasoned stylist and world traveler who has scouted unique designers from around the world. Farasha has created a niche platform to house, celebrate, and embrace fashion-forward, up and coming designers, as well as identify emerging trends that are discovered throughout the owner's travels, and then make them available to you at a pop-up boutique.

Community celebration performers

GLIDE Ensemble

The GLIDE Ensemble sing, plays, claps and sways, spreading the spirit of empowerment in an infectious message of diversity, acceptance and love. Dreamed into reality in the late '60s by Rev. Cecil Williams, music remains one of the pillars of GLIDE's Ministry. Steeped in protest and visions of a more just and loving world, the music has spanned the anti-war, civil and human rights battles, and supported Black Panthers, United Farm Workers, Gay Liberation and Marriage Equality, just to name a few.

Global Girl Media

GlobalGirl Media is dedicated to empowering high school-age girls from under-served communities around the world through media, leadership and journalistic training to have a voice in the global media universe and their own futures.

The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus

The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus was birthed in 1978 and had its first performance on the steps of city hall at the candlelight vigil for slain City Supervisor Harvey Milk. The Chorus launched a movement of LGBT Choruses that now spans the globe with over 180 in North America alone. SFGMC has been at the forefront of movements from the fight against AIDS to equality for all. Its music has also traveled the globe, changing hearts and minds along its journey.

Tena Clark

Grammy-winning songwriter/producer Tena Clark has used her pen, once again, to fight for inequality and justice. Her latest composition, entitled My, My Mississippi, will be premiered at TEDWomen and performed by the San Francisco Gay Men's Choir and the GLIDE Ensemble Memorial Choir.

Taylor Dayne

Taylor Dayne became an '80s household name with the release of her first single, "Tell It to My Heart." Since then, she's sold 75 million singles and albums, including "Love Will Lead You Back" (which topped Billboard's dance and Hot 100 charts in 1990) and continues to tour into the 21st century.


"50/50" is a new 20-minute film by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Tiffany Shlain that asks: Where are we really on the greater arc of history of women and power? And what’s it going to take to get to a 50/50 world — not just politics and boardrooms, but truly shifting the gender balance to be better for everyone. "50/50" will be premiering at TEDWomen. Contact Help Terms of use Privacy policy
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