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Celebrating TED2009! News and images from the conference.

News from TED2009

We're releasing talks from TED2009 right now. Coming up: astonishing demos and moving personal stories. Get news from TED2009 »

TED Prize -- help make wishes come true!

At TED2009, our three winners made inspiring wishes for the oceans, the universe and music for kids. Learn more about the TED Prize »

Unveiled at TED2009, now on TED.com

The astonishing piano of Eric Lewis (plus a revealing Q&A)... the Siftables demo ... Barry Schwartz on practical wisdom ... Elizabeth Gilbert on creative genius ... Bill Gates' buzzed-about TEDTalk -- plus his live Q&A with Chris Anderson.

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Quote of the day

"You have a mind and other people. Start with those and change the world."
– Liz Coleman, Saturday, Feb. 7
"Every day at TED something moved me to tears." – cbehrlich, via Twitter

It's TED's 25th anniversary. But instead of looking back, we looked forward. Everyone on the TED2009 program premiered something: a thrilling discovery, a revolutionary idea, a powerful invention, a spectacular piece of art, a first-time performance. We shared undiscovered talent and shed new light on names you know. We're now busy turning these astonishing four days into TEDTalks to share with the world throughout the coming year.